David E Manske

Technology Solutions Consultant

Being born into the Millennials has blessed me with a slight advantage in the tech space, but I don’t take it for granted… I continue to refine my craft and expertise in anything and everything technology related. From my software engineering and validation background in the aviation industry to my drive to stay on the bleeding edge in Mobile, Web and Cloud technologies, I am enthusiastic in my career and my work.

I have BIG ideas and love exploring new solutions that continue to delight users. From my early entrepreneur days of MyHouseholdAccountant to SalonSuiteAccounting, ManUpandHunt, TheOutfitterDirectory, and Dared, I thoroughly love building software. I’m a firm believer in continuing education to stay abreast in this light-speed industry and turn theory into practice every day.

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  • Phone 1-414-745-4461
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Team Lead, Scrum Master, Consultant, Engineer - Centare Group

2010 - Current

As a Team Lead for the Centare internal Development Center, I've engaged in presales engineering, managed internal staff professional and career development, and performed as a Scrum Master. Our teams provide custom software solutions for our clients in numerous domains including Banking, Baseball, Logistics, Building Efficiency, eCommerce, Landscaping, and Health Care on a wide variety of platforms and almost always taping into the possibilities of the cloud.

CEO/President - Creative Reputation, LLC

2008 - Current

The launchpad for creative and engaging products such as the Outfitter Directory (previously Man Up and Hunt), Estimated, Salon Accounting, and Dared. By following the guidance and advice of Steve Blank and Eric Eries, these products have been tested through MVP's and entered the market as slim MMP's. Many products are still on-going experiments.

Enterprise Application Engieer - Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW)

2010 - 2010

Develop, test, train, and support custom built software applications in various platforms including thick-client WinForms and WPF and online intranet and web applications. Solutions designed for numerous areas of the faculty and staff, research groups, and students.

Software Engieer - Ratelinx

2009 - 2010

Lab Consultant - University of Wisconsin - Platteville

2006 - 2009

Engieering Technician - Esterline Avista

2008 - 2008

Information Technology, Intern - Northwestern Mutual

2008 - 2008

Software Engineer Intern - ATI Ladish Co, Inc. formely Ladish

2007 - 2007


Marquette University - Master Degree – Masters in Business Administration

2012 - 2014

Marquette’s MBA program focuses on developing leaders that can manage dynamic environments and address functional areas of business such as society, ethics, global international business, marketing, economics, and accounting.

University of Wisconsin Platteville - Bachelors Degree - Sofware Engineering

2005 - 2009

Platteville's Software Engineering curriculum emphasizes application of theoretical concepts toward practical software engineering design and development. The core courses focus on the development of real-time embedded systems such as those used in control appliances, security systems, automobiles, and aircrafts.


Software Engineer

Practicioner applying the Principles of Modern Software Architecture


C#, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, Swift, NodeJS, JavaScript, Java, Ruby


Accounting, Marketing, Strategy, Leadership and Management

Cloud Powered

PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, from AWS, Rackspace and Azure


Driven by Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose (D.Pink)

Start Ups

Sucessfully launched several products by MVP's and MMP's