Become Admin on Mumble

February 27, 2016

Mumble and Murmur are open-source products that allow you to voice chat over the internet or local network. Mumble is the voice chat which will be installed on each client. Murmur is the server that will be installed on a server or simply on a host machine. To download Mumble and Murmur, click the link and download. To install the server component, simply check the Murmur box when installing. Run the Murmur server by simply clicking the Murmur.exe within the Mumble directory that is installed in Program Files\Mumble or Program Files (x86)\Mumble.

With the serve running, type the following in a command prompt within the Mumble directory to set the server's default master password, where PASSWORD is whatever password you want to set for the Admin.

murmur.exe -supw PASSWORD

You should see that the password was successfully setup and it will display a pop-up, "Superuser password set on server1".

Register Your User

Next, launch the mumble client and connect to your new server with your username. After you connect, right click on your name and select "Register". Then disconnect from the server.

Change to SuperUser

Right click and edit the server configuration and set your username to "SuperUser" which will open a new password field below, set it to the PASSWORD you set earlier.

Admin Power

Now when you reconnect to the server you should see additional options by right-clicking on the Root (server) or right-clicking on a user