Blank Format Options for Umbraco Richtext Editor

January 05, 2016

By default when you create a new Umbraco solution, the Richtext Editor will have no Formats listed in the Formats drop down from within the TinyMCE editor. This quick guide will help you add some reusable styles.

  1. Start by navigating to the Umbraco Backoffice and into the Settings -> Stylesheets area.
  2. Create a new top level node under Stylesheets, call it RTE, for Rich Text Editor. You can name it whatever you want, but this helps you keep an easy naming convention.
  3. Save a new style by clicking on this new RTE stylesheet and clicking Create. The next create input fields will allow you to create a new style for a specific element, class and styles.
  4. Next, navigate into the Developer -> Data Types area of the Back office and edit the Richtext Editor element.
  5. Set specific TinyMCE settings and set the Stylesheet node to use the RTE stylesheet that you have setup.
  6. Use your styles from the Formats drop down within an element that uses the Richtext Editor.