LIFS - Last In First to Start - Daily Standup

March 13, 2015

"There is often a little bit of awkwardness as the team prepares to start the daily standup, who should kick it off? Does the Scrum Master just point to someone? Does someone start it organically? Here's a technique to try with your teams to streamline the start of your stand-ups.

You may have hear…

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A Twist on the Daily Stand-up, Walk the Board

March 11, 2015

The Daily Stand-Up is an opportunity in an Agile/Scrum project to inspect and adapt. It gives the team a chance to look at what happened yesterday, what's the plan for today, and voice any impediments in the way. It's a time-boxed event, not to exceed 15 minutes but it can definitely end shorter. T…

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5L Retrospective Technique

March 06, 2015

"Looking for a new retrospective technique to try with the team this sprint?  There's a common Agile retrospective pattern called the 4 L's, which was made popular by ebg consulting. If you want to read the original version, check out this link 4 L's The original technique focuses on four words star…

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MSSQL Aliases

January 30, 2015

For those of you that wish to reference your local MSSQL database by any other name than LOCALHOST or MSSQLSERVER (which it's named by default if you didn't change it during the installer), you can follow the instructions below to change the name. 

Note that this also works with SQL Express install…
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Estimating Tasks with T-shirt Sizes

January 28, 2015

"The Fibonacci sequence and the Mountain Goat modified sequence for Planning Poker (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 20, 40) are great intervals for Story Point estimation. It's a great interval for determining the relativity of one backlog item (or user story) to another backlog item. However, these two interval…

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Return to the Agile Principles

January 21, 2015

Most teams practicing Agile can spell out the Agile Manifesto's four main tenants, they are:

  1. Individuals and interactions over Processes and tools
  2. Working software over Comprehensive documentation
  3. Customer collaboration over Contract negotiation
  4. Responding to change over Following a plan


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Agile Mainifesto

January 21, 2015

Agile Manifesto's Four Main Tenants

  1. Individuals and interactions over Processes and tools
  2. Working software over Comprehensive documentation
  3. Customer collaboration over Contract negotiation
  4. Responding to change over Following a plan

Twelve Guiding Principles of Agile

  1. Our highest priority …
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Another Agile Retrospective Technique - Christmas Carol

January 08, 2015

In scouring the web for new retrospective techniques, I stumbled upon two great resources. The first was a book by Ester Derby, Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great, and the other was an Agile Wiki specifically for Retrospectives, Just in time for the holiday, the Chr…

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Resharper - Run JavaScript Tests Inside Visual Studio

January 01, 2015

Resharper is a great extension to Visual Studio that offers an array of complimentary features to Visual Studio's built-in base features. Once you start using some of Resharper's intellisense, code navigation, file navigation, testing tools, and more you'll wonder how you even lived in the IDE befor…

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Google Fonts in Wordpress

December 20, 2014

So you've seen some of the new fonts that you can use for Free from Google's Font library and now you want to drop them into your Wordpress Blog. You could probably stumble through some of the Wordpress configuration options within the admin areas to eventually find an 'Editor' tab which allows you …

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Scroll Speed Parallels Mac OSx

August 29, 2014

The scroll speed on Parallels is a little off-par with the smooth scrolling on my new Mac OSx running Mavericks. When I slide into my Parallel's, my mouse scroll slides half of the page at a time. To fix this simply navigate into Control Panel -> Mouse -> Wheel and change the scroll lines down…

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Deploy to Windows Phone

August 27, 2014

To deploy to a Windows Phone you need to,

1) Register at

You don't necessarily need to Register if you want to side-load apps on your own Windows Phone, but if you want to submit Free or Paid apps to the Windows Store you'll need to register.


2) Unlock your …

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Python Web Server

August 19, 2014

Python comes with a built-in web server that can quickly host static content if you're looking to browse a file that may require viewing that file from a 'server' rather than from a //file location on disk. Depending on if you have Python version 3.4

python -m http.server 8000

If you have a youn…

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MAC OSx Terminals Alias (Bash Aliases)

August 18, 2014

To create an alias for Terminals, simply type the alias keyword followed by a string=""new command"".  Here's an example that turns allows the alias 'cls' (clear screen) to 'clear' the screen.

alias cls=""clear""

However, the above string makes this alias temporary for the current terminal windo…

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Web API Cross Domain Cors

August 11, 2014

Cross Origin Policy is a lingering security hole that was protected in Netscape Navigator by simply limiting web requests to requests made against the same origin, where the same origin was the same protocol scheme (http/https), host (,,, and port (:80, :8…

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Markdown Basics

August 08, 2014

Markdown is simply a syntax that allows a writer to create a text file that can contain common textual elements (headers, lists, bold, italic, etc.) with a limited character set. Here is the basic syntax for the most common elements in a markdown (.md) file.  Note that many development sites use a s…

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Web Deploy 3.0 on IIS

January 30, 2014

So you're setting up a new Windows IIS Web Server and you have heard about Web Deploy 3.5 to deploy applications to sites.  It's pretty sweet!

Installing Web Deploy 3.5

To install Web Deploy 3.5 on IIS 7.5 or  IIS 8, I recommend using the Web Platform Installer.  After adding Web Deploy 3.5, click…

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FastClick - Avoid Mobile Browser Tap Delays

January 27, 2014


because mobile web browsers don't click fast enough...

Mobile web browsers have a short delay (300ms) when clicking on a link or activating an on-click event such that it allows the browser to successfully determine if the event was a double-click or a single-click.  To mitigate this issue, you …

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AngularJS - Built-in and Custom Filters

January 26, 2014

This post on AngularJS Filters continues on a series of posts on AngularJS. Click here view the complete list of posts on AngularJS.

Filters don't just filter data in AngularJS

Filters in AngularJS allow you to format the value that is displayed in a data-binding expression.  There are several bui…

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AngularJS - Duplicate Controller Instances

January 25, 2014

This post on AngularJS Duplicate Controller Instances continues on a series of posts on AngularJS. Click here view the complete list of posts on AngularJS.

What happens with duplicate Controller instances?

If you declare a controller that has a few scope variables and instantiate that controller b…

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