Cordova iOS Error ITMS-90339 Invalid CFBundleResourceSpecification

October 23, 2015

"ERROR ITMS-90339: ""This bundle is invalid. The Info.plist contains an invalid key 'CFBundleResourceSpecification' in bundle ...."" You'll need to override the default xcconfig that builds the app on the iOS side. This can be done by providing an override in the \res\native\ios\cordova folder within your solution. Start by checking your \platforms\ folder for an iOS folder. If you don't see an iOS folder, simply execute

cordova platform add ios

Next, you will need to copy the build.xcconfig to your overrides folder.  So copy \platforms\ios\cordova\build.xcconfig to \res\native\ios\cordova\build.xcconfig Lastly, update the override build.xcconfig in your res\native\ios\cordova folder by editing the file and commenting out the last line.