Start by drawing the following speedboat diagram on the board and labeling with the underlined words. Also note to explain the diagram with the sentence descriptions.

  • Sun – What went well this last sprint, what do we need more of?
  • Wind – What worked against us, what do we need less of?
  • Engine – What do we keep doing the same?
  • Reef – What risks are out in the distance?
  • Rocks – What impediments were in this sprint?

Have the team members individually write on post-it notes to fit into the respective categories, but have them wait posting them on the board until all participants are ready. Then read the notes one by one in a given category and work your way around the board. After picking one note, read it out loud and then spur a discussion with the group. Repeat with each note until they are all gone. Put each of the notes into new groupings with similar behaviors and strive to reach an action item for the groups, if appropriate.

There are a few variations out there on the web on how to best perform a speed boat retrospective, this is just one remix.