There is often a little bit of awkwardness as the team prepares to start the daily standup, who should kick it off? Does the Scrum Master just point to someone? Does someone start it organically? Here’s a technique to try with your teams to streamline the start of your stand-ups.

You may have heard of FIFO – First in First Out, as used in Queue, Inventory Management, etc. However, you may not have heard of LIFS or Last In First to Start.

In your next stand-up, try a LIFS approach to who kicks-off the stand-up rotation. As the team funnels in for the stand-up, the last member to join the meeting, or the call, is the first to start. Then continue to rotate to each team member in a clockwise fashion. Try this approach today! Let me know what success you have had with your teams and this approach by leaving a comment below. In a rut with your stand-ups? Try another twist on stand-ups, the ‘Walk the Board’ technique.